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The program provides a unified interface for (re)installing programming tools into  different IDEs and Text Editors. Use one xml file for storing all the essential tools one may use. Backup the tool settings of different programming environments. All major IDEs are supported: Ultraedit, Pspad, Eclipse, EditPlus, TextPad, Visual Studio 2008/2010, Code::Blocks, Sql Server Management Studio, EditPadPro and Ultimate++ IDE. Do all of this safely, as the changes can be undone, the states of the configuration files can be restored.

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How to buy it

When the software is purchased, the self-installing file can be downloaded through a link provided by an email.
The downloaded package contains documentation and the executables.


Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7


-install external tools/user tools into different IDES/Text Editors
-modify the installations with this one tool
-save/backup the tool related configuration files of the different programming environments
-use the same command line variables for current editor file, current line, column
-command line installation of progamming tools is supported too


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